Swedish Club Presidents Report

Below you will find my last Presidents Report for The Swedish Club presented at the AGM held 29 January 2018.


As you may know, the death occurred last year of Kjell Hermansson, the founding member  of the Swedish Club in Sydney. The Club was established with the goals of maintaining Swedish traditions and values and it is important that this purpose is kept in mind as the Club continues in the years ahead.

There are obviously going to be changes in the future and they are to be expected and are to be encouraged but this original purpose of the Club should obviously stay in focus at all times.

A new Club website will soon replace the very dated one and Facebook will now become an important means of advertising events, updates and general information of interest to Swedish community members and of course  to others in the general community .

The best way to keep up-to-date with all Swedish groups in Sydney is by subscribing to the Swedish Council’s blog on www.swedesinsydney.org

The blog has replaced the Kvintessen newsletter.

The Swedish Club has its own page there, and the Council welcomes new bloggers, calendar input and all comments.

The Christmas Dinner held at Castle Cove Golf Club on 2december was again a success with more than 100 guests. Linda and her team from Fika did a splendid job of ensuring that everyone received plenty of delicious , typical Swedish Christmas food.

As a few of us are resigning from the Committee at this AGM,  I want to thank these people for all the help they have given me and the Club over the years. There have been many hours and many tasks performed unhesitatingly and always a willingness to help to ensure that everything was done as well as possible.

Birgitta Sharpe and Kjell Evans have both been Committee members for 34 years so they certainly deserve a very special thank you for the tremendous amount of time and effort they have put into the Club over all those years. Birgittas knowledge and positive inputs have been invaluable to the Club and Kjells position as Treasurer has involved many hours dealing with Club business and both he and his wife Janice have been very willing helpers at Club functions.

June Andersson, a quiet achiever has given a lot to the Club, not only of her time, but for always looking to add that little extra touch of perfection at functions, so Thank You June.

Johan Hedström has represented the Club at SCONSW for the last 3 years and he has been instrumental in creating and maintaining the new website swedesinsydney.org. I want to add my  personal appreciation for his efforts in this area as well as sensible advice when needed.

I would also like to record a huge Thank You to all members who have emailed, phoned or sent such lovely cards to Thank me for my 18 years as a Committee member and the last 5 years as the President of The Swedish Club. Their appreciation means a lot to me.

The Club has been run by volunteers with a commitment to Swedish culture and values and it is my hope that it will continue to be a strong and thriving Club into the future.

Birgitta Fairweather

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Birgitta Fairweather

Arrived in this wonderful country 1975 to stay 3 years, and 43 years later I am still here. I have worked in the travel business during all these years. My goal when retiring was always to be able to spend 4-5 months in Sweden every year, which I now enjoy doing. My heart belongs to the North of Sweden but I choose to live in Australia.

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